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Good Evening!

Missed you guys last week…

Funny Story:


So, mid of last week my brother, his wife

and two kids came from Florida to visit.

As I was driving to get them at 4pm with

Three of the four kids in the car with me.

I realized…

As I was getting in front of the airport that

I went to the wrong one!!!


I went to Hobby instead of IAH…

Has that ever happened to you?

So What’s new:

Our company girls did AWESOME at their last competition!

Move Dance and Fitness awards NexStar Dance competition awards Move Dance and Fitness Competition Team

Our trial for Movers Day Out went awesome and we will be starting


our Mothers Day out program this upcoming Tuesday!

My favorite picture:


My favorite AWARD:


Backstage Award, because the girls did an awesome job being respectful and showed great sportsmanship. LOVE IT!

We’ve started a new series “Students Spotlights”



Class: Beg. Hip Hop

Favorite style of dance: hip hop

Favorite colors: blue and green

Favorite song: “Don’t let me down”

Favorite TV Show: Bunk



Class: Boys Hip Hop

Favorite style of dance: Hip Hop

Favorite movie: Teen Titans Go

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Cash plays baseball, and is hoping to play 2nd base this year.



Class: Int. Tap

Favorite style of dance: Tap

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite book: The Book Thief, Brianna “highly recommends it”

You rock!!
Talk soon,

Julien Marion