Hey beautiful people,

Fall classes are right around the corner! We are starting the first of our weekly Wednesday email.

I wanted to take this email to answer a few common questions we are receiving:

1. When Can I pick up my welcome bag?

Saturday August 15th from 9AM-3PM or Sunday August 16th from 2PM-6PM

2. What is dress code?

  • Ballet – Pink footed or convertible tights, Pink ballet shoes, color leotard handed out in welcome bag, hair securely fixed in bun, NO SKIRT OR SHORTS
  • Jazz – Leggings or biker shorts, fitted shirt or leotard or sports bra, Jazz shoes (black or nude), hair securely pulled away from face
  • Contemporary – Beginner and Intermediate levels need to follow the jazz dress code with bare feet. Advanced Contemporary can wear clothing freely with bare feet and or socks
  • Hip Hop – Any street clothes your dancer can move freely in with sneakers
  • Tap – Any street or dance clothes your dancer can move in freely with tap shoes. We prefer full sole shoes for beginner level tap classes
  • Tumbling – Same as Jazz class but bare feet
  • Leaps and Turns – Same as Jazz

Dress code is here for a reason. We are a studio that really wants your dancers to learn and progress. In order to do that we need to be able to see their lines and clothing helps us do just that. If a dancer comes to class without dress code they will be sent out of class until they are in proper dress code. We will have hair supplies for sale at front desk just in case. We will be prepared to aid you in making this happen. 🙂

3. Is Recital really on Memorial Weekend!!!!!!!???????

NO –  We have made the decision to move recital to MAY 1ST. We will have to work hard to get all of our dances done in time but ultimately this will be a great decision. Classes will still run through May. Having an earlier recital will give us time to prepare for our end of year dance exams and help your dancers know what levels they will be moving to in the following year. SO erase that May 29th date ASAP and mark your May 1st date. 🙂

4. Can I please get a tuition break for September my pocket book is feeling it with all these school and dance supplys!? (not really being asked but I know its in the brain)

YES – We have a new referral program rolling out! We will be giving $72 off your September tuition for bringing in just ONE dancer to register for Fall between the dates of August 15thAugust 31. For some of you that will equal a free month of dance! Help us grow and we will help your pocket book! 🙂

Alright Guys lets have a great season!

With Love,

Mallorie Marion