Music is truly a magical thing. No matter a person’s age, where they live, or genre that they prefer to listen to, certain songs just have a way of connecting with us and are impossible not to tap our feet along with or feel a powerful emotion. Just like dance, music is a global language that is able to tell us a story, sometimes without even a single word being uttered. But there is something extra special about learning and being able to read and play our own music. 

Here at Move Dance and Fitness, we are proud to not only offer a variety of dance classes but also music classes for kids in Richmond to help them play an instrument, read, and understand music! We know that your kiddo probably already has a lot on their schedule, but in this post, we will discuss a few of the countless benefits that our lessons will provide. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or to enroll your child in a class.

Helps Their Academic Skills

During their younger years, life can be a rollercoaster. Kids are gaining so much information in such a short amount of time and they’re just trying to get a grip on everything and understand this crazy world! While music is not only relaxing and fun for them to listen to, it can also help them with their school work. By learning the importance of rhythm and following a beat, as well as reading and playing music and understanding scales, your kiddo’s brain is being wired in a way that helps them in their other classes, including math! 

Boosts Self-Esteem

It can be a little bit scary for your child as they’re trying to make friends, especially if they don’t already have a core group of friends in their classes. Children can be their own harshest critics, which can make them feel lost and alone. Music can help! Especially when they are put in a group music lesson, they will learn that no one is perfect and every other student in their music class is just trying to be the best that they can be. They will also learn to take constructive criticism and find the positives in it! Not to mention, they’ll be able to impress other kids with their ability to play an instrument or blow them away with their vocal skills!

Teaches Discipline and the Importance of Practice

Along with giving a boost to their brain development, learning about music can help them in their classes (and beyond) in a variety of other ways as well! Our instructors are all about providing a fun environment, but we also want our students to learn and take their lessons seriously. During their music lessons, they will develop discipline and they will learn about how important it is for them to practice what they are learning. While this may not sound awesome to them at first, just wait until they realize that the more they practice, the easier it will be for them to play their instrument and show off to their friends. As their skills enhance, they will want to keep getting better, which requires practice!

A Talent They Can Take Everywhere

While it’s true that they won’t be able to lug a piano everywhere that they go, there will be other places that they can play! One of the best parts about music and having the ability to play is that it doesn’t stay in the classroom, they can take their talents everywhere and be able to meet other musicians around the state, nation, and even the world!

It’s Fun!

While there are so many benefits to enrolling your child in a music class, quite possibly the most important is the fun that they will have! In their group classes, they will get to know their classmates and make some great friends, and even in private lessons, they will have a blast while they are learning all about music. These are skills that they will be able to use all throughout their lives! If you would like to learn more about our music classes for kids in Richmond, then go ahead and reach out to Move Dance and Fitness today!