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No need to drive to Houston, or Sugar Land to take barre fitness classes. We are one of the first studio in Katy, Richmond, and Fulshear area to offer Barre classes. Soma Forma Barre Fitness is an innovative fitness regimen which incorporates a series of isometric exercises with conditioning stretches to create long, supple muscles.

Soma Forma

How are we different:

  1. Most Barre classes make you repeat the same combination, over, and over again… our combinations are always different. You won’t get bored.
  2. No pressure environment, we believe you are beautiful the way you are and have a relax atmosphere.
  3. No dress code, wear what’s comfortable to you.
  4. We are all getting in shape together, no perfect people here.
  5. Childcare available at an affordable price.
  6. No registration fee, waitlist fee, or other non sense fees.

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Soma Forma uses your own body weight in addition to free weights and resistance bands to overload the muscles to the point of fatigue. Once the muscles have been fatigued, a series of short, but fluid stretches are done to lengthen the body.

The Soma Forma method will help you build a stronger core, leaner, chiseled arms, flexibility, strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength, stronger, more lifted gluteus, improved posture, and alignment and a leaner body.

Classes are offered multiple times a week with daily childcare at an affordable price.

Soma Forma Barre Fitness

Contact us at 832-222-2233 to schedule a free intro class or click here.

We are located at 1819 First Oaks St. suite 200, Richmond, TX (Katy Richmond/Fulshear Richmond)

What people are saying about Soma Forma:

I loved the class I took! I plan to go back and I plan to continue classes after my Groupon purchased classes are finished. The class was challenging, the instructor was knowledgeable. The class participants were friendly. The kids’ room attendant was fantastic. My daughter is asking to go back. Yay!

This is a new facility. I have taken the Barre Classes in Houston, but this location is closer so I wanted to give it a try. I liked the class, although it was not as intense as my prior experience. Classes are very limited, I would like more daytime options other than 6 AM that are being added. It is a gym, industrial atmosphere more than the boutiquish ambiance of other Barre classes. I feel more relaxed here and not as uptight as the higher end classes in Houston.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with soma forma barre classes!  Beyond excited that there is a location now in Richmond that is independently owned and not a chain that has the higher, inflated costs. Mallorie makes the classes so fun with upbeat music. Now – this is a workout I will tell ya…not just some la-di-da ballet class. You are gonna sweat and you are gonna feel it and it is all going to be worth it!

If you are looking to try something new, try this!

The class was wonderful! Can’t wait to go back.

Great new studio near Katy/Fulshear!

I love the Soma Forma (ballet bar) class – I am so glad I got this Groupon because I will take more classes and change it up a bit all at Move Dance and Fitness Studio.Had a great 1st class. The instructor/owner was very personal and helped me alot through out the class. The child care gal was super sweet too! My daughter enjoyed it. We look forward to our 2nd visit.