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Music Program Overview

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  • $150 Monthly Tuition
  • $30 Registration and Semester Supply Fee (Covers lesson books)
  • (Optional) $12 Monthly Practice room (practice room rental)
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What does the monthly tuition and semester supply fee include? 

  • Private lesson (30mins) -  1x a week (no class on holidays) 
  • (Classes average out to 4 per month. Some months have 5 and others 3)
  • Lesson books as needed (Not to exceed 2)
  • In-house concert 1x per semester


What does the optional practice room rental get me?

  • Private room to practice (30mins) - 1x a week outside of the private lesson
  • (It is proven that kids that practice an instrument on a second occasion learn far faster than not)


What day(s) is available?

  • Currently every Thursday 3:30-9:00pm
  • More styles and times coming soon


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Supply fee:

  • Semester supply fees are charged 2x per school season (August - June) or once per summer season.
  • Semester supply fee is charged upon registration and again with January tuition.

Make up:

  • If you have to miss your child's lesson you will be given a 1hr practice pass. This allows you to schedule a private piano room for your child to practice uninterrupted. Your child’s instructor will leave a lesson for your child to follow/work on.
  • If we have to cancel your class for any reason due to instructor sickness, emergency, or a weather issue, a make up class with the Instructor will be coordinated and scheduled

In-house concert:

  • All students are given the opportunity to learn what they have been working on.
  • Students are not required to perform at the concert.
  • Concert dates and times are TBT

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