What is Movement Dance Companies?

MDC’s are groups of dedicated Move Dance and Fitness’ dancers who rehearse, perform/compete and have community together. Move Dance Companies, compete/perform in jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, hip-hop, and open categories. There are four companies: Movers (Novice competitive dancers), Move (Intermediate level competitive dancers), Movement (dancers ready to compete at a high level), and the performance company (dancers wanting more performance opportunities). The Companies are chosen by a panel of judges who group the dancers based on technique, potential, and stage presence (taking age into consideration). The director has the opportunity to move a dancer at the end of summer prior to choreography camp if they feel the dancer has improved to a point they need to be moved.

Who is eligible for Move Dance Companies?

Dancers of all levels and experience from four years of age through students beginning their senior year of high school are invited to audition.

What kind of time commitment is being on company:

Depending on the company it ranges from:
– 2hrs a week to 7hrs a week.
– Some Saturday rehearsals
– Some Community events
– 3-5 weekends from January to May for competitions (competitive teams only)

What kind of financial commitment is being on company:

Dancing on a competitive or performance team is an investment. The girls will learn about skills such as confidence, time management, emotional management, goal setting, setting up expectations, and a family outside the home. Furthermore, they will learn to express their feelings in a healthy way. Tuition starts at $133 for our Movers and $319 for our older dancers. Other fees ranges from $700-$3500 this includes (competitions dues, all costumes recital and competitions, recital fee, and team gear).

Want to talk and see if MDC is a good fit?

Email: company@movedanceandfitness.com 
Subject: MDC New season