Why workout early?

Wow what a great workout this AM (6 AM)…

There is nothing better than working out at 6AM with great people.

This is why an early workout is important:

  1. When you workout early you know what to expect. It is a predictable time. For example: when you workout after work you don’t know what time you are really going to workout. It all depends on what time your are done at work, traffic, family, stress at work.
  2. Less Variables. The only variable is YOU. Everyone else is still asleep.
  3. Start burning calories early (Get your metabolism going EARLY)
  4. First victory of the day. Lets face it we all have our struggles, working out is a battle that happens from within. Winning that  first battle sets you up nicely for the rest of your day.
  5. Boost creativity for hours.   Check out this article from LifeHacker.com about how a half hour of Exercise can boost creativity for hours.
  6. Increases your energy during the day


Today we did…

4 Rounds of:

  1. 30 secs | Five High Knees with a Burpee
  2. 30 secs | In – Out Push Ups
  3. 30 secs | Jump Knee Tuck
  4. 30 secs | Straight Leg Abs
  5. 30 secs | Lunge, Lunge, Squat
  6. 30 secs | Towel Pull

Boot Camp

Try the workout and let me know how you like it.

If you are in the Greater Houston area come and try a workout FREE… email Julien@MoveDanceAndFitness.com to save a spot.

Keep on Moving,

PS: Share the post with someone that could use the motivation.

Julien aka The Early Bird Club Master