Two reasons why January is a great time to start your fitness regimen!

Gym enrollments go up, fitness Classes are full, and the streets are full of joggers! Why does everyone start a fitness regimen at the beginning of the year?
Dans-le-Townhouse_Happy-New-YearNo Baggage! You get the opportunity to start a new program and leave all the failed attempts bad thoughts or maybe even something you have already mastered behind. This is a fresh start a fresh year.

Optimism! With the start of a new year we are all believing in things to be better and are ready to do what it takes to make our lives amazing!

The two reasons above both boil down to a mental state! If we approach our fitness regimen with positive attitudes we will succeed. Take that New Year high and challenge  yourself to stay positive during your fitness routine for the whole month of January. If you can make it through that month you will be way more likely to continue.

When you fell the thoughts coming on that tell you your tired or overworked, remember the good health you are bringing to you and added energy working out gives you. FIND REASONS TO STAY POSITIVE!

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