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CLI (studio licensed Classes)

The Unique Student Sign-Up Links are  below: Student Link

To add a student, all you need to do is forward the below link to the student (s) you want to add to your account. Once they click on the link, it will prompt them to create an account using an email and a password of their choice. They will also need to create their account on a computer or using the mobile site. They will not be able to register using the app, but once they have created their account they will be able to use the app as normal. 

One thing to let students and parents know before they sign up is that it will also ask them to input a credit card but your dancers won’t be charged or kept on file when they register for CLI Studios. There are special privacy rules in the United States that required us to confirm parental consent when a dancer signs up for a CLI Studios account. Requiring a credit card at signup allows CLI Studios to confirm that consent. 


You’ll notice on the dancer’s signup page the following info:

The price for the program is labeled “Free Account / $0.00 per year”

The Unique Student Sign-Up Links are  below: Student Link


STAR Leadership

The STAR Leadership Program is designed to develop leadership, character and a sense of purpose in children ages 8-18. Our goal is to encourage other like minded youth in our world to enroll in this program through their local dance or performing arts studio. The program is designed with; monthly meetings that focus on a different leadership value each month. In addition, the STAR program encourages furthering education with College Prep work for grades 7-12 and providing work opportunities through Student Assistant Programs.

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