GoPro video + a Student + freedom = AMAZING

GoPro video is where it is at. We have been thinking of creative ways to give a Studio Tour Online. As an owner, and a creative/weird (in a good way) person, I’ve always wanted to do things differently. I mean in our lobby we don’t have chairs, we stability balls… At first people didn’t know what to do with it; but now they are sitting on it and seeing a difference.

I believe being crazy and trying something new allows you to stretch and grow, plus it helps you face your fears. Fear is such a strong feeling, it keeps people from trying, starting, doing, and ultimately becoming.

At Move, we push everybody (parents, students, and teachers) to try, attempt, and face their fears. Failing allows you to grow.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” | Thomas A. Edison

GoPro Hero

Yesterday, we decided to put a camera on top of one of our student’s head and let him explore the studio. After we made some edits we decided to put the song Happy from Despicable me 2 playing…

Watch it and tell us what you think?