On this page, you will find the descriptions and dress code for the majority of our classes.

PRE DANCE (1.5-2yrs)

Pre dance is a class for toddlers to learn basic stretches and coordination exercises in a fun safe place.

Dress Code
Pick tights, Leotard and ballet shoes

BALLET (3 and up)

Ballet is a highly technical form of dance with it’s own vocabulary. It is the foundational technique used in most other styles of dance. As your child moves up in ballet levels, to keep increasing technique and knowledge, multiple classes a week are necessary. Pointe is offered by invitation only? Ballet is structured and instills discipline and work ethic, while creating beauty and elegance.

Dress Code
Colored Level Leotard – pink tights – pink ballet shoes – hair pulled up into a neat bun.

JAZZ (4 and up)

Jazz dance is a style that has throughout its history developed with popular music. Jazz is typically done to an up tempo song making the class more appealing to kids who want to learn something while still getting to move a lot. At Move Dance and Fitness, we strive to stay current in our jazz class while being knowledgeable of those roots. Let us put those 80s costumes away!

Dress Code
Leotard or fitted shirt with hot pants, leggings or yoga pants – black jazz shoes – hair out of the face


Contemporary is a class that explores the total movement potential of the body. It does not have any set of standards to follow so the students and teachers can create their own movement and style. We do incorporate lyrical in this class. By incorporating lyrical, your child will learn how to express and tell a story through dance. This class is fun for kids and packed with new ways to move and express.

Dress Code
No dress code – please dress modestly and in something you can move in not jeans

TAP (4 and up)

Tap is done with a shoe that has metal on the toe and heel. At Move Dance and Fitness, we teach rhythmic tap, rather than Broadway tap, to help students with musicality. This class is done to music and in silence. The students learn to create different rhythms with their shoes.

Dress Code
Shirt or leotard with pants or shorts- Tap shoes – no specified hair

HIP HOP (4 and up)

Hip Hop is typically an upbeat class. This class uses current hip-hop music as a background to the different styles of street dance such as: breaking, locking, popping, and tweaking. Hip Hop is a high-energy class and fun for dancers and non-dancers.

Dress Code
Shirt and sweats – sneakers – no specified hair

Boys ONLY Hip Hop & Fitness (5-10)

Boys like girls but not at that age! This is a Boys only Hip Hop and Fitness. 30 mins of Fitness, 30 mins of Hip Hop (Breaking, Combos, and Choreography). Goal is to make Boys feel comfortable about dancing and have Fun. No prior dance experience required.

Dress Code
Shirt and sweats – sneakers


Improvisation is a class that works on learning how to spontaneously create movement. We teach this by doing different types of explorative exercises. In these exercises, we explore things like shapes, levels, tempos, sensory experiences, and contact improvisation. This class is perfect for creative kids.

Dress Code
Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in – no specified hair

LEAPS AND TURNS (9 and up)

Leaps and Turns is a whole class dedicated to tricks. In this class we really work on the things that will help kids get on their school dance teams or competitive dance teams. Leaps and Turns is not about the artistic side of dance but is about the athletic, physical side of dance.

Dress Code
Leotard or fitted shirt with hot pants, leggings or yoga pants – black jazz shoes – hair out of the face

ADULT CLASS Tap or Ballet (18 and up)

MDF offers an adult Tap class on Tuesday at 2pm and an adult Ballet class on Thursday at 2pm. Adult class have the option to perform at recital (optional but so worth it).

Dress Code

  • Tap – Comfortable clothing that are easy to move in for tap – no specified hair.
  • Ballet – Leggings, fitted top, and ballet shoes  –  hair ponytail.