Can you believe there is only 1 week left until SUMMER at the studio?

Out of all of our seasons, this season has been the BEST, fastest, and the most fulfilling!


Not just because we got a new logo, a sign on the building and finally got seating for the lobby 🙂

…but because of the growth and Ah Ah moments students have had.

As coaches and teachers, we live for those moments.

Our 2016/17 Fall schedule is now available and open for registration! click here to save your spot

Recital video should be ready this coming week. It is digital (for the highest quality) and have the behind the scenes attached to it.

The recital video is priced at $20 without a fall registration, $5 with a fall registration (only this week).

This week – Special hours

We will be open from 11-2 & 3-9 Monday-Friday and from 9-1pm on Saturday to answer any questions you might have about next year.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for spending this 2015/16 season with us.

In an ideal world, everyone would be back next year and we would continue to grow together.

However, jobs change, living situation change, interest change, and more.

But OUR love for YOUR kids will never change.

THANK YOU for this amazing year!

Julien Marion, Mallorie Lewis, Miss Abbie, Miss Kelli, Miss Julie, Miss Skylar, and Miss Wei Wei