1. 4 MUST-HAVES in every meal

    MUST-HAVES in every meal This may be the most important message of the year regarding your eating plan for 2015. If you use these 4 strategies with every meal, this is like can be your food must haves for college, 1) Pay attention to the cooking method The way a meal is cooked determines how many calories, how much added fat, and the number of nutrients that survive. This simple factor will make…Read More

  2. 4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks

    Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? Finding more and more reasons to cheat on your healthy diet? You’re not alone, I struggle with that myself. and today I’ve got just the 4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks that you need to lock onto your goals… A healthy dose of motivation coupled with determination will get you almos…Read More

  3. 6 Health Benefits of Dance

    Studies show that dance can help you Boost Memory, Improve Flexibility, Reduce Stress, Improve Flexibility, Diminish Depression, Lose Weight and more. Get Movin' These days, people love to watch other people dance. Competitive dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars are dominating the world of reality television. What you may not realize, however, is that if yo…Read More

  4. Two reasons why January is a great time to start your fitness regimen!

    Two reasons why January is a great time to start your fitness regimen! Gym enrollments go up, fitness Classes are full, and the streets are full of joggers! Why does everyone start a fitness regimen at the beginning of the year? No Baggage! You get the opportunity to start a new program and leave all the failed attempts bad thoughts or maybe even something you have already mastered behind. This i…Read More

  5. Fear of dancing… Fear is not real

    Fear is not real… are you Ghosting?   Not real? Ghosting… no worries read along it will all make sense. The other day, we watched After Earth with Will Smith and his son. The movie was all about fighting your fears (at least that’s what I got out of it). They had blind monsters that were killing everyone. Okay great, blind monsters that kill people… How do they do it, if they can’t see?…Read More

  6. 6 Reasons to Workout Early… Are you an Early Bird?

    Why workout early? Wow what a great workout this AM (6 AM)... There is nothing better than working out at 6AM with great people. This is why an early workout is important: When you workout early you know what to expect. It is a predictable time. For example: when you workout after work you don't know what time you are really going to workout. It all depends on what time your are done at work, traf…Read More