1. Why we used a GoPro video to give a Tour of our Dance Studio

    GoPro video + a Student + freedom = AMAZING GoPro video is where it is at. We have been thinking of creative ways to give a Studio Tour Online. As an owner, and a creative/weird (in a good way) person, I've always wanted to do things differently. I mean in our lobby we don't have chairs, we stability balls... At first people didn't know what to do with it; but now they are sitting on it and seeing…Read More

  2. 7 Reasons Why You Should Come to Our Grand Opening…

    Are you Free this Saturday in the early afternoon? Yes? You should join us for our Grand Opening this Saturday from 11 to 2 pm... 7 reasons why you should come: 1... MOVIE CORNER! Let the kids enjoy a projection of our favorite movie: Despicable Me! :-) 2... DANCE CONTEST! Bring your partner and lets learn a quick 15 min swing lesson then dance away to win a dinner for two! 3... FACE PAINTING! Let…Read More