1. Recital Video and more :)

    Happy Sunday! I usually don't email on Sunday... ...however since you've been waiting for this for a little while. I wanted to let you know ASAP I picked up the recital video last night and watched 80% of it... ...okay 75% of it. In an effort to keep the PRICE LOW and the QUALITY HIGH, it is digital. The price is drumroll... ...$20 without a paid registration for Fall 2016/17 Or $5 with a paid reg…Read More

  2. It’s here

    Can you believe there is only 1 week left until SUMMER at the studio? Out of all of our seasons, this season has been the BEST, fastest, and the most fulfilling! LOVED IT... Not just because we got a new logo, a sign on the building and finally got seating for the lobby :) ...but because of the growth and Ah Ah moments students have had. As coaches and teachers, we live for those moments. Our 2016…Read More