Welcome to your Adult page, not like adult content…

…but you know where you’ll get more information about our adult dance program.

Currently, classes meet Wednesday 8-9pm and Friday 6:30-7:30 and on Friday it is BYOB after class.


What styles do we do at MDF adult dance classes you might ask?

GREAT question!

Currently, we alternate between, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary.

However, the vision is to have numerous other styles and special fun events on the weekend.

If you’re like… “I like it tell me more”

Read on!

So… your first class is ALWAYS on us, we want to make sure you LOVE it and your experience is AMAZING!

After your first class, you can get a class card, 5 classes for $75, however, we have. a special deal if it is the first time you buy a class card. Make sure to ask.

Our classes are designed to be FUN, and entertaining, no experience needed.

Save your spot for this week’s class(es) below or schedule your first class.